Saturday, June 11, 2005

I Wonder How the Other German's Felt II

I can understand now about the other Germans,
The ones who more or less went along,
Having nothing against the Jews, the Czechs, the Slavs.
The news of intial victories was encouraging,
And nobody likes the French.

The tales of rapes, beatings, torture were disturbing
High-spirited youth,
Better they sow their wild oats abroad.
Besides, wouldn’t the hated ones have done the same to us,
As they burned down the Twin Towers of the Reichstag.

Our training in torture will serve in good stead
When it comes to rooting out the disaffected here at home
Jews, Moslems, non-church going Christians.
Liberals, communists
Pounding our Christian blood into their matzos
Demanding “Car pool,” “Free Education,” “Free Medical Care,””Free Love.”

We know the signs now
Can spot them early
Drop the bombs
On Bagdad, Kabul, and the blue states.

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