Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Can United States citizens regain their future?

This year, the Congressional elections in the United States are as or more important than the Presidential election. Neither of the two Presidential candidates have proposed any of the following measures which might rescue the US from its second-world status: 1) Reduce size of military by 50%. Reduce weapons expenditures for the military by 50%. 2) Invest heavily in repairing US infrastructure--roads, bridges, water towers, water pipes, sewer pipes.. Priority in hiring to be given to veterans.. 3) Two years compulsory government service for all Americans. Applied when they either a) graduate from high school or b) having dropped out of high school when they reach age 18. May receive one four-year deferment. 4) Enforce immigration laws; provide for immediate deportation. Priority in hiring to be given to veterans. 5) Introduce legislation to provide for death penalty for any Congressperson or military officer who accepts a financial consideration from a foreign power. 6) Introduce a constitutional amendment restricting participation in the electoral process to humans. 7) Introduce legislation prohibiting the sale and distribution of rapid-fire weapons. 8) Introduce an estate tax of 90% of all assets on individuals whose estate whether in the U.S or abroad exceeds 10 million dollars. 9) Restore the right of due process.