Tuesday, August 05, 2008

military takeover in 2011

It doesn't really matter who wins the election, the Manchurian Candidate or the Pretty Boy. Both seem reluctant to express the awful truth: real unemployment (counting workers who no longer are looking for jobs) is running well above 15%. Once, the military and the contractors return from Afghanistan and Iraq, unemployment will exceed 30%. Look for a military takeover in 2011.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bush's Contributions to the World Economy

There has much been so many negative comments about Bush's destruction of the US economy, that we thought it time to set the record straight. Under Bush's leadership:

o The economy's of China and Vietnam have known unprecedented growth.

o Though profits plummeted and thousands of minority youths were thrown out of work after the Taliban destroyed Afghanistan's poppy fields, prompt action on Bush's part restored heroin production, profits are up for Bush's campaign contributors, and urban youth can again make a living selling crack and smack on street corners and school yards.

o Realizing that cutting taxes for the rich would not be successful unless there were huge profits for the rich to avoid taxes on, Bush sent hundreds of thousands of troops to Iraq. Not only have contractors profited there in the absence of oversight, but the oil companies have profited in three different ways:
  1. The demand for oil has doubled due to the need to transport troops and equipment. This had led both to higher sales and higher profits per sale.
  2. Taxpayer-paid service men and contractors have replaced oil company personnel in guarding oil fields and pipe lines.
  3. To get US troops to leave, the Iraqii government has been forced to sign long-term contracts with the oil companies at ruinously low prices, thus ensuring that all profits on Iraqii oil will go to the oil companies.

o Deposits in Switzerland, the Cayman islands and other safe havens for excess profits have doubled.