Sunday, November 25, 2007

Purpose of the Iraq War

  1. Re-elect Bush so he could continue to enrich the rich and impoverish the American Middle Class.

  2. Put war profits in the hands of Bush supporters.
    • Purchasing defective equipment meant that replacements would be needed.
    • Abolishing testing meant more defective equipment could be purchased.

    (Note that the overall effect of these and other developments was to further enrich the rich and impoverish the American Middle Class.

  3. Continue to train Americans as torturers.
  4. Seize Iraq oil supplies and privatize them.
  5. Privatize Iraq and destroy Iraqi middle-class in the process.

    · As in Chile after 9/11/73,weaken will of people to resist changes by overwhelming display of military might, torture, and destruction of basic services. (Note Iraq was chosen as focus of attack rather than Iran or Syria as it was known to have no significant weapons. FN)

    · Privatize water system, electricity, telephones, airline, (some 200 firms in all) and all state assets.

    · Replace Iraqi-owned businesses with multi-nationals.

    a. Foreign companies could now own 100% of Iraqi assets

    b. Investors could take 100% of Iraq profits out of country without paying tax.

    · Introduce flat-tax of 15% to replace corporate tax of 45 percent.

    · Eliminate tariffs on foreign imports (and put domestic industries at risk).

    · Introduce a new currency (printed in Britain)

    · Privatize Iraq education system.

    a. Pay foreign think tanks to develop

    b. Print new text books abroad

    Never mind that under Saddam, 89% of Iraqi’s were literate, while under New Mexico Governor Richardson only 46% are.

    For still more on the privatization of Iraq and the use of torture by the U.S. see, The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

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