Sunday, July 02, 2006

war on terrorism ia a colossal failure

The Republican war on terrorism has been a colossal failure.

In September 2001, Bush promised to confiscate the assets of those who'd financed the terrorists. A month later, when the financing was traced to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he reneged on his promise.

While Australia and many other countries track all visitors from abroad via computer, the U.S. has yet to install such a system. Indeed, the INS or its equivalent division in Homeland Security has yet to install a central computer. Want a copy of your citizenship papers (a prerequisite for a passport)--it will take more than eighteen months.

Though the only terrorist rings detected so far in the U.S., Canada, England, and Germany have involved young Arab males, we continue to harass our own citizenry with unnecessary inspections at the airport (preparing, them, no doubt for internal passports as in the former Soviet Union).

Let's elect a party with a plan.

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