Saturday, November 05, 2005

Compulsory pregnancy and the 14th amendment

To compel a woman to bear a child to term is nothing less than involuntary servitude, heretofore prohibited by the 14th amendment. Are we to believe that Supreme Court nominee Alito will work to defang that amendment? This will certainly fit in with the Bush administration's intent to turn more government functions over to the private sector. With the 14th amendment no longer enforceable, the costs of providing assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina can be taken over by the willing rich willing to adopt a victim or victims as slaves. Indeed as costs rise, salaries drop, and more and more Americans are forced into bankruptcy, we can return to the halcyon days of indentured servants that graced the first days of our 13 colonies.

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Anonymous said...

You are misinformed completly. If you understood how the suprem court works you would not open your mouth to show what a fool you are.

The reason why so many people are against the the supreme court ruling is because little men in black robes somehow found that the right to a abortion is in the constitution, which it is not. The supreme court DOES NOT MAKE LAWS THEY INTERPRET WHAT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION BASED ON THE FACT PRESENTED TO THEM.

If something is not in the constitution in can be amended which is a very spesific procudure which was not followed. That is why people are against abortion, not to mention the moral implications. "this decsion is between the women, her doctor and her God. Please explain to me what god you are referring to? Does "Thow Shall Not Commit Murder" ring a bell?